Western Stock Growers' Association

Western Stock Growers' Association, founded in 1896, is the longest running agriculture organization in Alberta. Our membership is voluntary which ensures that our agenda is member focused. This has made WSGA a strong and effective organization, able to advocate on behalf of livestock producers in an independent fashion.

WSGA position is based on the importance of property rights and security of tenure in creating and maintaining a progressive and successful society. We acknowledge:

  • the incredible and universal influence of the marketplace;
  • the supremacy of natural processes that drive ecosystem functioning;
  • the finite carrying capacity of the land and ecosystems for any and all uses; and
  • the escalating demand for diverse land uses ranging from conservation/preservation to recreation to residential to industrial.

WSGA is driven by policy development, focusing on a strong free-market approach to the production and marketing of livestock. We look to our members to promote the enhancement and protection of the environment through sound range management.

We welcome new members. Join our fight for property rights and the use of commerce for market.

Please read our news page and position papers.

$50, 000 REWARD

WSGA hosts a reward fund with rewards up to $50,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person or persons stealing livestock from a WSGA member.

ABP Check-Off

Check-off refund requests need to be submitted by January 31 and July 31 of each year. Cut off dates for marketing are December 31 and June 31. Click here for refund form.